saint Church Melbourne

Kingdom Land

An invitation to reclaim & revive this building as a place of worship for the generations to come.


Standing on the prayers of the saints that have gone before us, let us reclaim this land as a permanent place for the Kingdom, to:

Call the saints
Gather the saints
Equip the saints
Send the saints

56 Wilfred Road, Ivanhoe East


Since 1956 this property and building has served the community as a place of worship, fellowship, prayer and community welfare.

When you set foot in this property, you can sense the hundreds and thousands of people who have gone before us and sacrificed, prayed, served and financially contributed towards this property in its service unto God and the community.

According to town planning precedents, unless a church service is held in this building by January 2025, it will lose its DA and cease to be a place of worship. Its fate will likely end up being turned into apartments and sold to the highest bidder.

After renting and moving multiple times over the past 5 years, our desire and prayer has always been to secure our own permanent home in Melbourne.

This property was sold to a developer, who intended it to be residential dwellings. In purchasing, we will both, simultaneously, secure a permanent home in Melbourne and also reclaim kingdom land that was to be lost. We are able to see it restored and revived as a place of worship for the generations to come.

This is more than just a church buying a building. This is about reclaiming Kingdom Land to establish a legacy and restore a lighthouse in the community that continues to point people to Jesus. 


We believe God is calling us to reclaim Kingdom territory and it starts with this building. May this building also be a reminder of the things that God wants to claim back in your own life. Things that looked once lost, things that looked too far gone, things that looked impossible, with God, may they be reclaimed.


We believe God is using the Church to bring restoration to this city, one person and one life at a time. We are seeing people finding Jesus every week inside and outside the walls of the church. As we embark on the physical restoration of this 80-year-old church building, may it be a representation of the restorative work of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives.


God loves seeing dead things revived. We see it in Ezekiel 37…. In the same way, we feel God calling us to revive this building, to bring life back to it again amongst the community, and as we do may we see people revived in their purpose and walks with God, and may we see a city revived for the purposes of God.


When they heard about this, they mocked us and ridiculed us, saying, “What is this you are doing?” So I answered them and said, “The God of heaven is the One who will grant us success. We, His servants, will start rebuilding.

Nehemiah 2:19-20 [paraphrase]

We ask that you would prayerfully consider partnering with us by sowing a financial seed into reclaiming kingdom land.


For direct deposit giving please transfer to the following account:

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Saints Church Melbourne Ltd


Commonwealth Bank


063 254

Account Number

1101 6598




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